Review of Forms app for Nextcloud

Forms ⧉ is a free open source app for doing surveys via your Nextcloud. It lets you create a simple form containing many different question types: long text, short text, multiple choice, tickboxes, dropdown menus, dates, or dates with times. Questions can be optional or required.

You can share the survey externally with people who don’t use Nextcloud through a simple link, and they can give responses anonymously without any registration. The page they see is very simple and easy to navigate, and works fine on computers and phones.

Alternatively, you can share the survey internally with specific or all users on your Nextcloud.

Either way, the data stays entirely on your Nextcloud server and doesn’t pass through anyone else. It’s like a privacy-friendly ad-free alternative to Google Forms or SurveyMonkey.

As far as I can tell, there are no limits on the number of responses you can receive. Surveys can be open-ended, or end on certain dates.

Results of surveys are collated in aggregate (with nice bar charts etc), or by individual responses. Survey results can be exported in CSV format if required.

Forms in action:

I clicked “New Form” and started adding questions. There are options for lots of question types and they can be moved around the page or edited by clicking on them…

Screenshot of NextCloud forms app with a form being edited, showing a short text intro, then tickbox questions and then multiple choice radio buttons. There are various options about how to share the form on the sidebar.

…I chose to share the survey as a simple URL without requiring any user registration…

Screenshot of the form from the previous image, but as a simple web page with none of the editing options.

…and as the responses came in I received notifications, and the results were presented within the app itself.

Screenshot of the results section of the Forms app, showing bar charts and aggregated lists of the responses, and an option to see individual respones instead.

There’s not much else I can say about this! It’s easy to use, it’s privacy-friendly and avoids having to use “big tech” services that are often intrusive or expensive. It does the job, the developers are actively maintaining it, and I didn’t notice any bugs.

If you want to do a survey and you own a Nextcloud, this is definitely worth trying out. 🌱