Grow your own social network

You may be wondering why someone would want to start their own social network? Who would want to just talk to themselves?

Mastodon is most popular type of Fediverse server. It features a solid Twitter-style interface, regularly updated features and a large selection of mobile apps.

Screenshot of a stream of photos on Pixelfed, shoting various night time streets.

Pixelfed is an Instagram-style social network, mainly built around sharing photos and short video clips, but it’s possible to follow text accounts too.

Screenshot of a PeerTube server with various colourful recommended playlists on different topics, and a row of the latest uploads shown below that.
Screenshot of Fedi.Video, a PeerTube server

PeerTube is the Fediverse’s main video sharing service, with an interface somewhat like YouTube. It uses clever “peer-to-peer” technology to significantly reduce the load if many people watch a video at once. Also includes livestreaming as an option.

A Medium-style blogging platform for long text articles. The interface is deliberately minimalist, it’s all about reading text with as few distractions as possible.

A music platform for the Fediverse, it lets people store and share tracks and podcasts.

The Fediverse’s literary side, BookWyrm is a social reading platform where you can review books or discuss them, and discover other people’s recommendations.